Articles Featured in Sound Sunday #27

Welcome back to the first of our new monthly-format Sound Sunday Roundup, where we will still be celebrating all things sound! It has been a crazy month with NAMM and the like, so here is a run down of what we’ve been up to!

How to Create Dog Sound Effects

Will Smith in I Am Legend

Alessandro used Reformer Pro and the Coll Anderson Dogs Library to re-design the infected dogs in a scene from 2007’s I Am Legend. Skip Lievsay and his sound team created an excellent sound world for this spine-tingling thriller, and it was great to pay homage to their work, Krotos-style.

Interview with Jessica Paz

Jessica Paz - Sound Designer Krotos

We got a fascinating look into the sound design that occurs off the screen, with this interview from tony-award winning sound designer Jessica Paz, who has worked on a lot of productions on and off Broadway including POTUS, and Hadestown.

Apex Legends Sound Re-Design

Ben Jacquier once again brings his charismatic presence and excellent design ear to the Krotos YouTube channel. This time, Ben re-designed the Apex pack sequence from Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends, using the Krotos Ultimate Bundle!

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