Top Tips for Creating Sound Effects for Animation

Christa Giammatei

This thread comes from the Twitter of Christa Giammattei – an Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Dialogue Editor and Mixer with a strong voice in the world of sound social media.

Twitter is a goldmine of information of tips and tricks from sound designers, editors, and creatives alike. It presents fantastic opportunities to discover insights into the workflows of the wide world of sound folks, a strong community who are always happy and ready to share their expertise.

Christa asked for advice on ways to create Sound Effects for animation and got some great replies from a bunch of great sound designers, including Skywalker SoundsNia Hansen – Who also works under the name Essa Hansen as a sci-fi author. Hansen has worked on a number of Dreamworks animations including most recently Encanto – Who better to receive animation sound design advice from?

We have compiled the thread below for the non-twitterers of the sound world to learn from. Have you got any tips to add to this collection? Leave them in the comments section!

Be sure to follow Christa’s Instagram for more tips, visit her website, and check back here for an interview with her in the coming weeks!

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