Apple Behind The Mac: Skywalker Sound Video

Apple shared a fantastic video on the 4th of May, which takes viewers behind the mac computers of Skywalker Sound.

The short film takes viewers behind the scenes at Skywalker Ranch to see how the foley artists, sound designers and mixers at the ranch shape sound to bring the films to life. The 15-minute film show how the team explore the possibilities of sound and share the secrets behind legendary moments from the “Star Wars” universe and beyond.

The Mixing Console, Skywalker Ranch

Sound designers interviewed include Bonnie Wild, Danielle Dupre, Randy Thom, and Shelley Roden among others.

We get a glimpse into the sound library, hearing some iconic sounds in isolation, but the biggest takeaway from this film is seeing the team’s sheer excitement at being able to hear and use these classic sounds in their work, and help to shape the sound future of some of the biggest film franchises in popular culture.

“Walking the halls of Skywalker Sound, it became apparent that in all our favorite films, in every movie where each sound is special and lives in our hearts, it was done by this team in this place. Our entire crew was incredibly inspired, and we were reminded every step of the way why we do this.”

Todd Banhazl

Skywalker Sound is behind some legendary sounds, of course from Star Wars but also for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney and beyond, and we are proud that our software is in their Arsenal, having used our software on projects such as The Avengers and the Jungle Book, among countless others.

Watch the Apple Skywalker Sound Video

Thanks to Apple for putting the art of sound design into the awareness of millions of people worldwide, it was a very good May the 4th for sound folk this year Watch Behind the Mac: Skywalker Sound Below!

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