Articles Featured in Sound Sunday #26

Sound Design was in the limelight this week thanks to Apple, whilst we were collecting some awesome tips and tricks for trailer sound design, and pushing Weaponiser out of the firing line and within walking distance.

Going Beyond Weapons with Weaponiser

Look, it had to be named something. Regardless of the title, Weaponiser can help you with variation and fast workflow across all kinds of sound design. In this video, we take a look at how you can perform footstep foley without a foley stage 

Trailer Sound Design Tips and Tricks

Take a look and see how you can up your sound design chops and take your trailer projects to the next level!

Sound Design was Front Page News!

Our sound design friends over at Skywalker Sound had the world’s attention this week when Apple celebrated Star Wars Day with some behind the scenes footage of – well, you know all too well the films they make 😉.

Watch the video below and take a sneak peek behind the doors of Skywalker Ranch.

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