Exploring the Sound of the Horizon Video Game Franchise

Horizon Forbidden West Sound Design

With the arrival of Horizon: Forbidden west this Friday, we get the chance to return to 31st Century U.S.A. In this instalment, protagonist Aloy is on the post-apocalyptic west coast hunting more animalistic machines and continuing her legacy. Horizon: Forbidden West has been one of the most talked-about titles for the new generation of consoles and looks to continue the immersive legacy laid out by the first instalment of the Guerilla Games series, Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Let’s take a look back at the sound & music from the first game.

The excellent blog from PlayStation below covers all bases with the sound design team on H:ZD. Audio Lead, Bastian Seelbach, Senior Sound Designer, Pinar Temiz, and Senior Sound Designer and Music Supervisor Lucas van Tol contribute insightful information on the details and ideas that went into the music, ambience, foley and beyond.

We came up with a concept where music and environmental sounds would give each other their own moments to shine. .. Other times the music is very minimal and in the background; at those times you can really hear the details in the environments.

Lucas Van Tol – Senior Sound Designer

Fast-forward five years and the much-anticipated sequel is finally here alongside the next generation of consoles. The ambiences are more detailed, the mechanics are more refined, the attention to detail has been amplified. Guerilla Games partnered with PlayStation Sound and the UK’s Sweet Justice Sound to deliver a level of sonic detail to match the stunning visuals of the AAA Title.

PlayStation returns to discuss the music of the new game with the original’s composers, who this time collaborated with composer duo The Flight to bring a fresh perspective to Aloy’s world. The video below shows the thought and detail that the expanded team considered for the game:

The key focus was to come up with organic textures and sounds, that fit the aesthetic of the Horizon Forbidden West game world, whilst upgrading it from the sound that Horizon Zero Dawn was based on

 Joris de Man, Composer on Horizon: Forbidden West

Horizon: Forbidden West is out now for PS5

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