‘Archive 81’ Sound Interview from Indiewire

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An interview was posted this week between Sarah Shachat, Associate Craft Editor at Indiewire, and Archive 81 Supervising Sound Editor, Mark Relyea. Mark has also worked on The Morning Show, Little Fires Everywhere, Blindspot, Ballers and many more titles.

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Archive 81 is one of those Netflix series that really take you by surprise. A unique, Lovecraftian noir-horror that blends real-world anxiety with supernatural scares. It explores themes of isolation and unanswered questions, connecting the characters across time, space, and even dimension. This recipe opens up a new world of sound potential, combining reality, nostalgia, sci-fi and horror in a whirlwind of mystery.

Sarah and Mark discuss how the sound team aligned with showrunner Rebecca Sonnenshine’s view, in a truly collaborative effort to combine realism and authenticity with the supernatural themes that the show explores. They also shared some insight into the significance of the differing room tones throughout the programme – something which is all too often overlooked.

The resulting show is one full of detailed interesting sounds, which serve the different time periods and locales brilliantly.

Archive 81 is out now on Netflix

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