‘Reacher’ Sound Design by Mark Lanza

Mark Lanza A Sound Affect
Mark Lanza A Sound Affect

A Sound Effect posted an excellent Interview with Mark Lanza this week about the sound that went into Amazon Prime Video’s Reacher, on which Lanza was the Supervising Sound Editor. The interview covers everything from Music and to Sound Design and provides great insight into the hit action show.

“Of course, we have to talk about the leg-breaking sounds for when Reacher stuffs the three guys into the trunk. Eric [Raber] did most of the leg breaks, but we wanted to make it even grosser so I ended up layering more sounds on top.

A Sound Affect Interview Mark Lanza

We were on the stage when this came up, so I took what was there and put it into Krotos Reformer Pro to create some rustle and fabric layers that had the same timing and dynamics as the leg-breaking sounds.

Reformer Pro has a backpack library (just backpack movements and swishes) that I used to replace the rustling sounds. I was able to recut several different rustle layers for that whole scene and we got it up in a matter of minutes.

It was gross; Nick loved it. Being able to use tools like that on the stage is great. It allowed me to keep the stage moving forward quickly.”

Thanks to A Sound Effect, Jennifer Walden and Mark Lanza for such a great read!

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