Swan Song Sound Design, by A Sound Effect

Apple TV Swan Song Sound Design
Apple TV Swan Song Sound Design

Apple TV+ film Swan Song is an emotionally complex look at memory, individuality, and life. Supervising sound editors Steve Fanagan and David McCallum discuss their approach to designing the subtle sound of near-future technology, the role of sound in supporting the story’s emotion, exploring many creative paths to find the best way forward, and more.

Jennifer Walden, A Sound Effect

Swan Song sound design, “Enhancing The Emotion of ‘Swan Song’ Through Sound”, an article from A Sound Effect.

Steve Fanagan And David McCallum spoke with Jennifer Walden for asoundeffect.com this week on the latest Apple TV+ film, Swan Song. Read all about the sound design with the films supervising sound editors over at the A Sound Effect website.

In the interview, David and Steve discuss the approach they took to the technology used throughout the film, aiming to take a more acoustic approach to these sounds in line with Director Benjamin Cleary’s vision for the film.

Cleary proposed the idea of sound being reproduced through some future technology that does not rely on transistors and transducers, which opened up a whole new world of possibility for the sound designers to explore. Swan Song sound design is a fresh take on futuristic technology in film. Read the full article for further information on this idea, in another fantastic article shining a light on the world of sound from the team over at asoundeffect.com

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