Sound Design Ideas, from Gravity Sound Studio

Sound design ideas from around the home using household objects is a series of entertaining and informative videos across many social media platforms, courtesy of the Gravity Sound Studio YouTube channel…and it is a lot of fun to explore.

Sound designers are naturally curious creatures – often seen in their native habitats, bashing things around and rubbing things together, portable recorder on hand.

This kind of curious behaviour leads to new sonic discoveries, and fresh ways to create an entirely new sound world (often from the most seemingly uninteresting of places). Sound design as an art form stems from these kinds of discoveries, and has become a crucial part of both informative and entertaining forms of multimedia.

Every now and again, we stumble across an incredible resource of sound design ideas, tips and inspiration from the sound designers of the world. This time, it came in the form of Gravity Sound – an excellent YouTube channel run by Dawid Czuchta, a Sound Designer extraordinaire based in Canada.

The channel contains a number of tutorials and sound design ideas, but what stands out most here is the unrelenting imagination Dawid puts into the ‘Sound Design with Household Items’ series.

These bite-sized videos show the process of finding raw materials, processing them, and contextualising them into a short video – quick, easy, and inspiring. They are a great introduction to the world of sound design for beginners as well as seasoned professionals looking for a different perspective to achieve a new set of sounds and the fact they are so concise means you can get inspired and then carry on with your own designs.

Videos and channels like this are a great way to remind ourselves to always be listening to the sounds around us for interesting and exciting material for our next sound design projects. You can also find further ideas and inspiration on the Gravity Sound blog, Instagram, and TikTok.

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