The Matrix Resurrections – Indiewire talks Sound Design with Dane Davis & Stephanie Flack

The Matrix Resurrections Sound Design Indiewire

Indiewire enters The Matrix in this edition of the Filmmaker Toolkit Podcast, ran and hosted by Chris O’Falt and Sarah Shachat.

In this episode, Chris and Sarah talk with the Supervising Sound Editors of the matrix films, Dane Davis and Stephanie Flack. They talk in depth about the Sound Design from the original film, all the way through to the latest instalment, The Matrix Resurrections.

23 years is a long time for technology to change and develop, but the original Matrix film sound helped to pave the way for digital technologies to be used in Hollywood films as well as the music industry and beyond. Dane and Sarah talk about how their editing and design process has changed, but also what has stayed the same throughout their careers and with other projects they have worked on.

The Matrix Resurrections Sound Design Indiewire

In the podcast, they talk about how they designed the sound for the original Matrix on a completely digital post-production setup, for the first time in their careers – a fitting notion given the topic and aesthetic of the film. They also discuss how the sound world had changed, and how Lana Wachowski’s approach to sound within the film has changed with this shift.

It is a fascinating podcast that delves deep into the franchise, with the original sound team from the original Matrix trilogy.

What comes through most poignantly, however, is the trust reliance Wachowski has with the sound team – the same team who understood the vision of the matrix back then as much as they do now. For that point alone, this podcast is more than worth a listen.

Catch this and the rest of Indiewire’s Filmmaker Toolkit podcasts here, and happy listening!

The Matrix Resurrections is out now in Cinemas

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